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profile of chef ludo lefebvre in rue magazine

normally, if a guy’s got a tat and he’s wielding a big knife, I’m booking it in the opposite direction. that is, unless he happens to be ludo befebvre, hot chef of the moment in los angeles. i interviewed him for rue and he deserves every accolade he’s received. To read, and see, more about Ludo, click here.

other work: in the news


a few months ago, coming home after a day of thrifting in palm springs, i got a red light camera ticket. i’m still not sure why — the light hadn’t even turned yellow when i started coasting through it — but a few weeks later there it was in my mailbox. a photo of me, caught mid lip tug, as i crossed santa monica boulevard. it felt uncontestable — i mean, they had photographic evidence and all — so i paid the damn thing, all $480 of it, and scrambled to find the eight extra hours to waste on online traffic school before my extended court deadline.

of course, in the french farce that is my life, it turns out that that very same day, probably in the very same minute that I was answering the last quiz question, la county decided to throw in the towel on red light camera tickets.

say what?, I responded to the la times when they shared that little tidbit on twitter, they couldn’t have decided that…oh, just a few weeks earlier? and that was how i ended up here and here

hey, la county, can i get a refund?

house profile of corinne grassini’s home for rue

i interviewed corinne grassini for the latest issue of rue (issue 5). corinne, who designs the clothing line, the society for rational living, lives in the hills just east of los feliz. Her house is half tree house, half neutra, a mix of burl and leather, masculine and feminine, modern and sensual, warm and spare, organic and clean…shall i go on? I would’ve moved in on the spot, corinne’s half-open suitcases and all. In fact, if she would leave me the clothes and shoes as well, i’d be a totally happy camper. emily anderson shot these images. The full article is here on page 96.

other work: modeling


Laure needed to go to Old Town Tustin for a piece she was shooting for Sunset. Jonathan Lo and I went along for the ride, the BBQ and rootbeer, three kinds of dessert, iced Boba teas, Guinness on tap, tiramisu martinis. It felt surprising how much food we were able to pack into a few hours in a tiny town with a main street as long as my arm. Just as surprising: the hodge-podge of cultures all jammed together in this tiny place. Ireland, Japan, the American South, France, Spain and, of course, Mexico, all jockeyed for dominance amidst the Victorian homes, mid-Century ranch houses and Spanish architecture. I made it into the magazine, in the October 2012 issue. That’s me in the store I Dream Of France, 150 East Main St.

other work: producing and styling

Yesterday we shot in one of the most iconic homes a song was ever written about.
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store profile of faire frou frou for rue magazine


If you know anything about me, you know that I love lingerie, probably almost as much as I love shoes. Normally, I don’t get to share that love with very many people — though the ones I have shared it with have been very appreciative! So, it was fitting that my first article for the new Rue Magazine is about a brand-new-to-me lingerie shop in Studio City, Faire Frou Frou. My piece is here on page 220.

the writing life – quotes

“never love a wild thing, mr. bell,” holly advised him. “that was doc’s mistake. he was always lugging home wild things.  a hawk with a hurt wing.  one time it was a full-grown bobcat with a broken leg.  but you can’t give your heart to a wild thing: the more you do, the stronger they get.  until they’re strong enough to run into the woods. or fly into a tree.  then a taller tree.  then the sky. that’s how you’ll end up, mr. bell.  if you let yourself love a wild thing.  You’ll end up looking at the sky.”

Truman Capote
Breakfast At Tiffany’s

the writing life: go driving


writer’s block? there’s a cure for that.

go driving. what? yes. it works.

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home profile of rachel rose’s house on apartment therapy


my friend rachel rose is the consummate hostess who will use any excuse for a party. naturally her home is warm and welcoming; she’s as good at putting things together as she is at putting people together. see it here.

the writing life – wake up early


i wake up way before the alarm.  The light is just starting to stream through the window.  It’s quiet: a car going by, a bus a few streets away, the clink of the can man, fishing for bottles in the trash. my mind’s as gray as the light, thoughts have not yet begun filtering through. i make coffee with barely foamed milk in a big cup and pull my computer into bed with me.

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