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moderator for wine & design’s 1st event as los angeles editor-at-large for ca home + design


last night, acting as editor-at-large los angeles for ca home + design, i moderated wine & design’s first-in-a-series-of-design-events at the mondrian hotel. the panel was called “deconstructing design”; i felt it would be fun and helpful if we talked about “how to be creative when being creative is your job”, especially in the wake of mashable posting this piece on young urban creatives aka yuc-ies. created by michelle leshem of supermarket creative and annie wharton of annie wharton art consulting, and presented by ca home + design under the los angeles design festival umbrella, it featured furniture, interior and production designer for kelly wearstler, maureeen baine; furniture designer thomas hayes; textile designer nicole de leon; and, cassie sanchez, senior interior design associate at gensler. secret agent pr posted this picture of me re-reading my notes on their instagram. thanks everyone, i had fun (even though i had a bad case of stage fright when we started)

guest on VoiceAmerica’s Matters of Design


I flipped the tables on uber-talented interior designer and host of Matters of Design on VoiceAmerica Demitri Christian Sgourakis. I was the guest but instead I decided to ask the questions. It was fun but very unnerving to hear myself! Apparently I sound like a six year old with a sore throat and missed my calling in doing cartoon voices? You can hear the whole show via podcast by clicking here
or just listen here: Demitri’s a great interview and a great person with a vast store of knowledge that ranges from feng shui to furniture to gardening! You can learn more about him here.

other writing: melmarc’s website and blog


i’ve always felt curious about other people’s lives ever since i was a kid and read richard scarry’s children’s book What do people do all day?. (in fact, i was told i failed the dga test to become a second assistant director because i answered “yes” to the statement “i would enjoy the work of other professions”. there was no space for “well, not forever, but it would feel interesting to step into someone else’s shoes for a few days.”) it feels exciting to dive into something and learn all about it. it’s a bit what i imagine traveling to a new country every day would feel like.

one of my clients, melmarc, is a full-service apparel printing company; they make t-shirts and fleece. i write the copy for their site and also their blog (which was designed by the uber-talented jonathan lo of j3 productions — and the blog happy mundane). i’m learning a lot about the t-shirt business! you can see it here.

other writing: the dwell on design website

last year i produced a couple of special events for dwell on design (that’s japanese artist sasaki working on his heartbeat drawings) For this year’s event, i coordinated, edited and wrote the descriptions of the show’s offerings for their website. the month of may lead in is always a crazy down to the wire round the clock push to get everything up in time. you can see the results here.

other work: styling of the husky ranch on design*sponge

grace’s house, beautifully shot by laure joliet , styled by morgan satterfeld with help from me and my stuff, has gone up on design*sponge. you can see the behind the scenes here. it’s fun to compare it to the final reveal.

other work: styling (and modeling) for bneato

sometimes you have to mix it up. the other day, to help out my friend beth ziegler, aka bneato, photographer laure joliet and i recreated the power point images that she uses for her presentations with photos shot specifically for her. bright and graphic, the vibe was real simple and martha stewart — clean, fresh, graphic and crisp. with only the three of us working on the shoot, my default job, in addition to styling, was model. this is what often happens when all of your friends are photographers…and you are not. not surprisingly, beth came prepared with a shot list and we barreled through the day. funny how much mess it takes to make things look neat, but that’s the nature of shooting; what’s outside the frame doesn’t count. (in the shot above, the finished shots are close-ups of beth’s hands turning the page!)

the day finished with drinks by the fireplace at taix, a very old skool french restaurant in silverlake.

other work: stylin’ saturday, part 2


to thank us for helping her out, pomme sent each of us food gifts.

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other work: stylin’ saturday

It all started a few months back when Pomme was anointed by uber-blog Design*Sponge and asked to share photos of her home. Sure, she said, in a moment of drunken weakness, which she instantly regretted. Because, as anyone knows, you can’t just share any old photos you take of your home; they have to be styled. Which is where my story starts:

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other work: in the news


a few months ago, coming home after a day of thrifting in palm springs, i got a red light camera ticket. i’m still not sure why — the light hadn’t even turned yellow when i started coasting through it — but a few weeks later there it was in my mailbox. a photo of me, caught mid lip tug, as i crossed santa monica boulevard. it felt uncontestable — i mean, they had photographic evidence and all — so i paid the damn thing, all $480 of it, and scrambled to find the eight extra hours to waste on online traffic school before my extended court deadline.

of course, in the french farce that is my life, it turns out that that very same day, probably in the very same minute that I was answering the last quiz question, la county decided to throw in the towel on red light camera tickets.

say what?, I responded to the la times when they shared that little tidbit on twitter, they couldn’t have decided that…oh, just a few weeks earlier? and that was how i ended up here and here

hey, la county, can i get a refund?

other work: modeling


Laure needed to go to Old Town Tustin for a piece she was shooting for Sunset. Jonathan Lo and I went along for the ride, the BBQ and rootbeer, three kinds of dessert, iced Boba teas, Guinness on tap, tiramisu martinis. It felt surprising how much food we were able to pack into a few hours in a tiny town with a main street as long as my arm. Just as surprising: the hodge-podge of cultures all jammed together in this tiny place. Ireland, Japan, the American South, France, Spain and, of course, Mexico, all jockeyed for dominance amidst the Victorian homes, mid-Century ranch houses and Spanish architecture. I made it into the magazine, in the October 2012 issue. That’s me in the store I Dream Of France, 150 East Main St.