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a guide to dtla’s arts district for angeleno magazine


it’s no secret to anyone i know that i love la’s downtown. while i haven’t found my dream loft yet, i got to share my love of the area with angeleno readers this month, including some of my new and old favorite places — guerilla atelier, wildingcran gallery, poketo, 356 mission, factory kitchen — in a pretty pictorial map drawn by artist donovan foote. also it may be my first “cover” story? check out the full article here on page 70 and 71.

wolfgang puck at the bel air hotel for blackboard eats


i grabbed my friend bic for dinner on a saturday night at the bel air hotel to check out their prix-fixe menu for blackboard eats. it’s one of those classic old skool la places, with swans walking around the grounds and babbling brooks and lots of celeb spotting. See my blurb — which was sent out as a dedicated email and is no longer available online — after the jump.

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restaurant review of lusy’s mediterranean for blackboard eats


i hadn’t see my friend danny in a very very long time so when bbe asked me to cover lusy’s mediterranean in the valley, i grabbed him for lunch. though we were following my google maps, we drove right past it; like many restaurants in la, both the well-known and the undiscovered, it’s tucked away in a mini-mall. we ate ourselves silly on babaganoush and hummus, chicken kebabs and baklava. it was worth the drive over the hill. you can see the final piece here.

home profile of joe lucas and parrish chilcoat-designed space in tradhome


though its look may tip traditional, the house designed by joe lucas and parrish chilcoat that i profiled for the latest issue of trad home, is a hidden treasure trove of futuristic elements — it opens with a fingerprint not a key, you can program the appliances through your phone, etc. joe and parrish and i met up at their store, harbinger, on lacienaga in la where parrish and i discovered that we are both obsessed with teddy roosevelt’s home in oyster bay. you can read the full article here on page 124

interview with philippe vergne for angeleno magazine


crazy early one saturday morning, i interviewed philippe vergne, the newly appointed, but not yet living in la, director of moca. well, it was early for me at least; he was talking to me from a reasonable mid-morning in new york. we talked about la vs ny (of course), debated the center of the art world, economics, and mike kelley, one of his favorite artists, close friends and the subject of the first exhibit under his tenure, me asking questions in my pre-coffee rasp, him answering in his leaves no doubt he’s from paris accent. the full interview is here.

interview with sculptor joel morrison for angeleno magazine


i interviewed sculptor joel morrison for look who’s talking, the back page in angeleno magazine, for their arts & power issue. we met up at laurel hardware in west hollywood and talked about everything from growing up to new technology over drinks (mine) and dinner (his). it was a fun, intriguing, irreverent, freewheeling, quirky evening, just like his work, that spilled so over the expected hour i’d allotted that i had run out to put money in the meter. you can read the full article here.

interview with diane von furstenberg for angeleno magazine


how often does one get to interview a legend? what do you even ask? so, yo, dvf…wassup? that’s what i was up against when i interviewed diane von furstenberg for angeleno magazine for an article that coincided with the opening of an exhibit at lacma celebrating 40 years of her iconic wrap dress. i untied my tongue; you can read the resulting article here.

a round-up of cruelty-free items made in la for district west


fashion pieces are fun. see the full piece here.

profile of gerry mcgovern on the palm springs modernism week blog


after a private tour of the frank sinatra estate, a chance to take the new land rover out for a spin and a wonderful dinner at workshop kitchen and bar, i woke up early in the morning to write a profile of gerry mcgovern. the sun was just starting to come up and the saguro was quiet. i’m still amazed at how productive those early morning hours are. everything comes out in a big rush. even after all this time, i still find the process miraculous. it’s hard to describe how it works, i just know that it feels wonderful. here it is.

interview with kelly lynch for the palm springs modernism week blog


can you imagine living in a lautner or a neutra home? kelly lynch lives in both! we spent over an hour chatting: about the film about her neutra house, the oyler property up in lone pine, about preservationist architecture (we both agree to co-pilot any of the wrecking balls for some of the appalling structures that have been going up around la), and astrology. sometimes you have such a great time talking to someone it feels weird to hang up and not plan to get together for coffee. this was one of those times. see the whole interview here.