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store profile of pearl drop for angeleno magazine



i interviewed fashion designer jennifer nicholson last week about her new store, pearl drop. since it was a last minute assignment, i didn’t have time to do any research on her but it was only a matter of moments before i realized that, slap myself upside the head, of course jack nicholson is her father. not only does she look like him, but she has all of his expressions. she was great fun and i feel happy, after all, that i didn’t meet her knowing anything about her beforehand. i enjoy letting people tell me their stories, free of baggage and preconceived notions. the story, with amazing photographs by melissa valladares, is here.

profile of labrea avenue in angeleno


things are happening on my hood and i wrote about it for angeleno, accompanied by this handy map. in another life, i’d have been an urban planner or a preservationist architect; it feels exciting to see people walking and life on the street on a part of town that’s been deserted for so long. la’s changed so much in the time i’ve been here; i’m curious to see how it will continue to change in the next few decades. see the full article here.

interview with surfer stephanie gilmore for angeleno


i interviewed surfer stephanie gilmore as she was driving from one surfing competition to another. lucky lady, she discovered what she loved to do when she was a kid and she’s been able to turn it into her day job and get people to pay her for what she enjoys most. i totally know what she means. i’m sure there’s an underbelly — but i haven’t found it yet! so far i’m having fun! read the full interview here.