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profile of gerry mcgovern on the palm springs modernism week blog


after a private tour of the frank sinatra estate, a chance to take the new land rover out for a spin and a wonderful dinner at workshop kitchen and bar, i woke up early in the morning to write a profile of gerry mcgovern. the sun was just starting to come up and the saguro was quiet. i’m still amazed at how productive those early morning hours are. everything comes out in a big rush. even after all this time, i still find the process miraculous. it’s hard to describe how it works, i just know that it feels wonderful. here it is.

interview with kelly lynch for the palm springs modernism week blog


can you imagine living in a lautner or a neutra home? kelly lynch lives in both! we spent over an hour chatting: about the film about her neutra house, the oyler property up in lone pine, about preservationist architecture (we both agree to co-pilot any of the wrecking balls for some of the appalling structures that have been going up around la), and astrology. sometimes you have such a great time talking to someone it feels weird to hang up and not plan to get together for coffee. this was one of those times. see the whole interview here.

interview with madeleine brand on the palm springs modernism week blog


i interviewed madeleine brand for the palm springs modernism week blog. madeleine was the voice of the eponymous and now defunct madeleine brand show, kpcc’s most listened-to show from 2010 to 2012. this week, she returns to the airwaves with a new show on kcrw called “press play”. it’s very surreal interviewing an interviewer. i felt very self-conscious. what struck me most was that she does not use any fallback words, she just breathes through the pauses. i’ve got to learn how to do that! when i transcribe long interviews, i’m often mortified by how many i use. like, y’know, um, you can, um, read, the, like, whole interview, like here.

interview with steve slomkowski for the palm springs modernism week blog


nobody famous ever lived here is an ironic title for a documentary about one of the most iconic houses ever built. the director steve slomkowski and i met at stumptown coffee roasters in downtown la to talk about how he came to do a film about it. they say that everyone has a doppelganger. steve’s is the brother of one of my close friends so talking to him was at once disconcerting and very familiar. and yes, stumptown’s coffee is as good as they say. for the whole interview, click here.