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home profile of joe lucas and parrish chilcoat-designed space in tradhome


though its look may tip traditional, the house designed by joe lucas and parrish chilcoat that i profiled for the latest issue of trad home, is a hidden treasure trove of futuristic elements — it opens with a fingerprint not a key, you can program the appliances through your phone, etc. joe and parrish and i met up at their store, harbinger, on lacienaga in la where parrish and i discovered that we are both obsessed with teddy roosevelt’s home in oyster bay. you can read the full article here on page 124

three designer profiles for tradhome’s spring 2013 issue


for traditional home’s annual digital publication, aptly called trad home, i’ve got a byline on three of the newbies in their annual feature on ten designers to watch — katie lydon (there’s a lightness to her rooms that’s particularly appealing), andrew maier (whom i had to convince to take credit for his work. he kept protesting that he was just a curator for his client’s good taste), and kristen rocke (her rooms are elevated by her inspiring lighting choices). i asked each designer the same basic set of questions — so, tell me about how you came to this project and what you thought the first time you saw the space. finding a question that is broad enough that the playing field for the answer feels wild and wide open…as i’ve said before, i love listening to people’s stories.