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lifestyle piece on hollywood’s top caterers for the hollywood reporter


i got to talk to some of my favorite people — chefs! — for an article on tinseltown’s top caterers that i did for the hollywood reporter. one of my favorite parts of writing about people and the work they do is getting the chance to give them a shout out in print. yay heirloom! and i love hearing behind the scenes stories, like the one jon shook from animal and son of a gun (who is just as vivid and animated as you’d expect him to be from his food) told me about the time that he handled what could’ve been a disastrous and potentially evening destroying plumbing issue while also serving an impeccable meal at benedikt taschen’s house (aka jon lautner’s chemosphere). it’s no surprise that taschen later became an investor in animal. while not every story makes it into print, or even into my final draft, they all contribute to the — excuse the pun — flavor of the piece. see if you agree; here’s the story.

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