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interview with actress nichole galicia in angeleno


in the order of best to worst, interviews can take place in person, over the phone or skype or over email. in person interviews are always preferable, especially if they take place over drinks or there’s an activity; there’s a chance for spontaneity, humor, and unscripted moments. email interviews are practically guaranteed to be terrible. few people write like they talk; the responses are stilted, awkward and full of publicity-speak. so i wasn’t expecting much when it turned out that i’d have to interview nichole galicia over email. i understood — there was a sick family member she was visiting in the hospital in europe — but i steeled myself for the worst when i opened her response. maybe it’s her genius iq but her answers were natural and surprising and, after a few back and forths over a sunday, i made my monday morning deadline. if this is any indication of her talent and professionalism, this girl is going places. see this full piece here.

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