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i’ve always felt curious about other people’s lives ever since i was a kid and read richard scarry’s children’s book What do people do all day?. (in fact, i was told i failed the dga test to become a second assistant director because i answered “yes” to the statement “i would enjoy the work of other professions”. there was no space for “well, not forever, but it would feel interesting to step into someone else’s shoes for a few days.”) it feels exciting to dive into something and learn all about it. it’s a bit what i imagine traveling to a new country every day would feel like.

one of my clients, melmarc, is a full-service apparel printing company; they make t-shirts and fleece. i write the copy for their site and also their blog (which was designed by the uber-talented jonathan lo of j3 productions — and the blog happy mundane). i’m learning a lot about the t-shirt business! you can see it here.

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