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restaurant review of take a bao for blackboard eats






as i mentioned the other day, one of my newest gigs is writing for blackboard eats, a free service that offers specials, handpicked by food editors, at top restaurants.

“food editors”. that would be me!

because the restaurant had certain specials they’re hoping to promote, i didn’t order from the menu, they just brought out the items they wanted me to taste. somehow I managed to put away one banh mi bao, one order of tofu popcorn, two lemongrass caramel chicken wings, an eight veggie salad, one bowl of yellow curry, shrimp and tofu and another bowl of short rib bimbimbap. oh, and a plate of garlic chive meatball satay. and, for a change, i wasn’t just taking photos to post on my instagram (you can follow my writing adventures on @astoneink). once i recovered from my food coma, i wrote this.

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