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art her up: profile on frieze la’s bettina korek

in anticipation of the first frieze la, opening next month, i interviewed the fair’s executive director, bettina korek, for angeleno’s december issue.

See the full article here or you can link to the full issue here

a guide to dtla’s arts district for angeleno magazine


it’s no secret to anyone i know that i love la’s downtown. while i haven’t found my dream loft yet, i got to share my love of the area with angeleno readers this month, including some of my new and old favorite places — guerilla atelier, wildingcran gallery, poketo, 356 mission, factory kitchen — in a pretty pictorial map drawn by artist donovan foote. also it may be my first “cover” story? check out the full article here on page 70 and 71.

interview with philippe vergne for angeleno magazine


crazy early one saturday morning, i interviewed philippe vergne, the newly appointed, but not yet living in la, director of moca. well, it was early for me at least; he was talking to me from a reasonable mid-morning in new york. we talked about la vs ny (of course), debated the center of the art world, economics, and mike kelley, one of his favorite artists, close friends and the subject of the first exhibit under his tenure, me asking questions in my pre-coffee rasp, him answering in his leaves no doubt he’s from paris accent. the full interview is here.

interview with sculptor joel morrison for angeleno magazine


i interviewed sculptor joel morrison for look who’s talking, the back page in angeleno magazine, for their arts & power issue. we met up at laurel hardware in west hollywood and talked about everything from growing up to new technology over drinks (mine) and dinner (his). it was a fun, intriguing, irreverent, freewheeling, quirky evening, just like his work, that spilled so over the expected hour i’d allotted that i had run out to put money in the meter. you can read the full article here.

interview with diane von furstenberg for angeleno magazine


how often does one get to interview a legend? what do you even ask? so, yo, dvf…wassup? that’s what i was up against when i interviewed diane von furstenberg for angeleno magazine for an article that coincided with the opening of an exhibit at lacma celebrating 40 years of her iconic wrap dress. i untied my tongue; you can read the resulting article here.

interview with actress nichole galicia in angeleno


in the order of best to worst, interviews can take place in person, over the phone or skype or over email. in person interviews are always preferable, especially if they take place over drinks or there’s an activity; there’s a chance for spontaneity, humor, and unscripted moments. email interviews are practically guaranteed to be terrible. few people write like they talk; the responses are stilted, awkward and full of publicity-speak. so i wasn’t expecting much when it turned out that i’d have to interview nichole galicia over email. i understood — there was a sick family member she was visiting in the hospital in europe — but i steeled myself for the worst when i opened her response. maybe it’s her genius iq but her answers were natural and surprising and, after a few back and forths over a sunday, i made my monday morning deadline. if this is any indication of her talent and professionalism, this girl is going places. see this full piece here.

home profile of terri seymour’s house for angeleno


terri seymour is one of those people you speak with and immediately want to be best friends with. we had a long and rambling conversation about…well, let’s just say it was long and rambling and fun and crazy and covered everything from men to clothes to working to life balance. she’s fun, gorgeous and her house? fugedaboutit. a stunner designed by the very talented jennifer post. see it in all its glory here.

interview with lisa gache in angeleno


there’s an old saying that suggests being nice to everyone you meet because you will run into them again.  the older i get, the more i realize how true this is.  everyone swings back into your life eventually.  lisa gache is the wife of someone i used work with.  we had a fun lunch catching up on old times and talking about her new book, 24 Karat Etiquette, which takes a serious but lighthearted approach to how to conduct yourself in beverly hills and the movie business (which has its own unique set of rules!), even in the most awkward situations (working with someone you used to date, farting, who picks up the check!). the full article is here

interview with ariana rockefeller in angeleno


i met ariana rockefeller one cloudy almost-rainy morning at the chateau marmont. add to that that she’s a rockefeller and a fashion designer. no wonder the usual tornado of clothing strewn about my bedroom was a full-on hurricane: what was i going to wear?! i ended up in a hodge-podge of summer dress, bare legs, leather jacket, booties that is the la fashion equivalent of dressed up. she showed up with wet hair, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. turns out we’d both been stressed about what to wear. we ended up talking about how much easier men have it when it comes to getting dressed, growing up east coast and learning how to dress west coast and when it came time to pay, we both pulled out matching miu miu wallets. read it here.

profile of original scent bar for angeleno


i’ve been wearing the same fragrance, coco by chanel, since forevah. so i was really curious, when i was offered a fragrance session by original scent bar in pasadena, to see what they’d come up up. it’s really interesting — they ask all kinds of random questions like what are your favorites foods? and what are your most vivid memories? and then they wave all fragrances under your nose to see what you like best. i named the result chaleureux which means “radiating warmth” in french. having a personal scent made is a great idea as a gift for yourself or a friend and you can have a scent party with champagne and it can be made into everything from bubble bath and candles to washing soap. see the article here.