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wolfgang puck at the bel air hotel for blackboard eats


i grabbed my friend bic for dinner on a saturday night at the bel air hotel to check out their prix-fixe menu for blackboard eats. it’s one of those classic old skool la places, with swans walking around the grounds and babbling brooks and lots of celeb spotting. See my blurb — which was sent out as a dedicated email and is no longer available online — after the jump.

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restaurant review of lusy’s mediterranean for blackboard eats


i hadn’t see my friend danny in a very very long time so when bbe asked me to cover lusy’s mediterranean in the valley, i grabbed him for lunch. though we were following my google maps, we drove right past it; like many restaurants in la, both the well-known and the undiscovered, it’s tucked away in a mini-mall. we ate ourselves silly on babaganoush and hummus, chicken kebabs and baklava. it was worth the drive over the hill. you can see the final piece here.

restaurant review of barnyard for blackboard eats


i sampled barnyard for blackboard eats this week. it was a little disconcerting to discover that my piece was coming out at the same time as jonathan gold’s review in the la times. “the j gold” as he’s known, is the go-to restaurant guy in la. talk about pressure! turns out we loved a lot of the same things. phew! see mine take here.

restaurant review of sor tino ristorante for blackboard eats


normally i would not head over to brentwood on the friday afternoon of a long weekend but that is exactly what i did recently to review sor tino ristorante for blackboard eats. i ate about eight different kinds of pasta, a pizza, the octopus salad and a few other things. there was probably a lot of traffic but i don’t remember because i was in a food coma. yeah, my job is awesome. you can read the review here.

restaurant review of the grilled cheese truck for blackboard eats


last wednesday i had to eat a grilled cheese sandwich as part of piece i was doing for blackboard eats. a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to earn a living, right? see the piece here.

restaurant review of the roof on wilshire for blackboard eats


sunday there were two marathons. in the morning, i went out and cheered the runners and then, once the race had disbanded, rachel and i had an eating marathon, courtesy of Eric Greenspan’s The Roof on Wilshire. the food is good; the roof view, spectacular (see above) and the drinks were amazing. i’m having so much fun eating food, meeting chefs, and adventuring out to new places with my friends. to read all about their pancake lasagna (yes, there really is such a thing and it is delicious!), see here.

restaurant review of take a bao for blackboard eats






as i mentioned the other day, one of my newest gigs is writing for blackboard eats, a free service that offers specials, handpicked by food editors, at top restaurants.

“food editors”. that would be me!

because the restaurant had certain specials they’re hoping to promote, i didn’t order from the menu, they just brought out the items they wanted me to taste. somehow I managed to put away one banh mi bao, one order of tofu popcorn, two lemongrass caramel chicken wings, an eight veggie salad, one bowl of yellow curry, shrimp and tofu and another bowl of short rib bimbimbap. oh, and a plate of garlic chive meatball satay. and, for a change, i wasn’t just taking photos to post on my instagram (you can follow my writing adventures on @astoneink). once i recovered from my food coma, i wrote this.