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california home + design: beverly chill

for the winter issue of california home + design, i spoke to haus of design’s clint nicholas and lene schneider about a project they created in beverly hills that’s the very definition of southern california elegance and glamor, plush with luxury fabrics, muted tones, dramatic lighting and blue-chip art. The elusive designers have been under the radar for a while. they’re only just starting to allow their work to be published so this was a giant coup! unassuming and humble, they’re the very definition of cool: talented people just doing their work and happy to be able to have a chance to flex their creative muscles and make a living doing it!

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interview and product profile for california home + design


california home + design’s final (and, as it turns out, their last) issue focused on the designers and designs that had won the award the magazine gives out. my assignment was ted boerner and his thicket tables. since, in the weird time frame of magazines, i was interviewing him before the statues were handed out and i couldn’t let him know that he’d won, the editor and i concocted a ruse that i was talking to all the nominees. the conversation was slightly surreal since i knew and he didn’t; he was humbled just to be nominated. this was the first time i’d worked with editor erin feher; it’s always nerve-wracking writing for someone new. you can read the full piece online here.