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weddings california: a labor of love

In which I ask celebrity events and wedding planner Stefanie Cove how insane her own wedding would be (not at all) and if her life is like the movie (it’s not — except for the earpieces.) For one

weddings california: hit list

In which Lindsey Pennington shares how she combined her negotiating and design skills into a launching a bespoke wedding registry service. Talk about playing to your strengths.
Read the full story here.

profile of wedding dress designer claire pettibone for california brides


i interviewed claire pettibone at her store for california brides over the summer. i’m always intrigued by how people discover what they love to do — it’s like asking a couple how they met — there’s always a story that, in retrospect, seems fated but, at the time, felt more like falling down alice’s rabbit hole. claire had never planned to design wedding dresses and, despite what you’d expect, she didn’t design her own. in fact, it was only after a friend asked her to design a dress that she realized that it was what she wanted to do. that design, kristene, is still one of her most popular styles. read the whole piece here.

profile of the vera wang store’s move to beverly hills for california brides


is there anything more iconic than a vera wang wedding dress? though there’s been a small store on melrose for a while, they’re now moving to a bigger space. when i went in to the store to find out who i should talk to, they begged me to try on wedding dresses. okay, sometimes i’ll admit that there are parts of my life that feel like a rom-com. story here.

wedding profile of kristin snyder & chapman ducote for california brides


kristin, chapman and i kept missing each other. when we finally talked, i was standing just outside trader joe’s. i was under deadline, of course, so more phone tag was out of the question. it may not have been the ideal circumstances under which to conduct an interview but that’s just part of the crazy that comes with the territory. i just jump in and focus on the story. the people walking in and out of the store were eyeing me curiously but i got what i needed. (btw, tape-a-call is worth the $10 they charge on the app store. it uses the iphone’s conference call feature. i love that i can focus on the people i’m chatting with rather than whether my handwriting will be legible afterwards — which it never is!). here’s the result.

wedding profile of jayme greutzmacher and slater traan for california brides


happy valentine’s day! another piece for california brides. as a friend of mine pointed out, if only they hadn’t already done “the wedding planner”, they could do a movie of your life.

jayme, the bride in this story, had no trouble finding the groom; her challenge was in finding the dress! it’s always funny how differently the bride and groom tell the same story. this was one of the most visually flawless weddings i’ve seen and the day, except for a slight mishap, went off without a hitch. read the entire story here.

wedding profile of janie bryant & pete yozell for california brides


i interviewed mad men costume designer janie bryant about her wedding to tour manager pete yozell. naturally, the “how did you meet?” story came up. turns out she’d made a list and slept with it under her pillow every night. then, one evening, when she was out for dinner with a friend, she looked up and saw him across the room. and he saw her. and that was pretty much it. he was everything on the list…and more. so i wonder — is it time to make a list? and what would i put on it? hmmm…while i’m figuring that out, you can read all about their wedding here.