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the writing life: get a uniform


let me set the record straight. i don’t work in my pajamas.

a lot of people are under the impression that, because i work out of my house, it’s all about pajamas or sweats. i tried that for a bit. turns out i didn’t feel good at the end of the day (though i do have the occasional pajama day!). i need to get dressed in order to go to work, even if that work is only a few steps away. but in what? a uniform seemed to be in order. not in a military stiff and starched kind of way but more of a formula for dressing that feels simple and right so i can focus on writing and not feel confused about what to put on when i get up in the morning.

since most of what i do is work in the house, i want to feel comfortable. but also look nice in case i suddenly get an assignment and have to run out to meet someone. i’m a big fan of skinny jeans (my faves were uniqlo’s super skinny fit jeans; the new model is the skinny fit tapered jean), hemmed to ankle length. sometimes i’ll mix it up with colored or printed jeans & skinny pants. though i’m usually barefoot in the house, for running out, i slip on comfortable shoes like ballet flats, the martina wedges from jcrew, fun sneakers or bensimons. in colder weather, i like boots like isabel marant’s dicker. on top i usually have on a light sweater (i love boyfriend-style v-necks) or a t-shirt with a cardigan, like this one from everlane. (my house is crazy cold so i’m usually in a light wool sweater or cardigan even on the hottest days of the year. this takes me through most days and out for errands, shoots, scouting, site visits and research trips.

sometimes i have meetings and lunches and once a week i go downtown to my co-work space and i feel compelled to get a little dressier. i might pull on a jacket or swap in some low heels for the flats or a silk top, like a joie’s eleanor or everlane’s super soft long sleeved silk shirts, for the t-shirt and cardigan combo.

and then there are events, drink and dinners out. sometimes the lunch uniform works for this but lately i’m leaning towards dresses like dvf’s classic wrap in reds and fun prints that make me feel free and girly.

What about you? Do you have a uniform?


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  1. Kelley says:

    My winter uniform is pretty similar to yours – sweaters with a scarf or long necklace and dark jeans is always classy and comfy. Wedges if I’m feeling fancy, converse if I need to do a lot of walking. I also spend a lot of time at home, and I agree that spending the whole day in pajamas just leaves you feeling like a slob. It’s important to feel put together, even when working from home!

    • abbystone says: (Author)

      Totes! Also (and I may be alone in this feeling), when I’m dressed and working from home I always feel optomistic that I might get a sudden invitation and I want to feel ready to go (this is the same feeling that encourages me to pack my passport whenever I travel, even if I’m just taking a road trip to Palm Springs).

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