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the writing life: gratitude

Warren Beatty once said that success is when you can’t tell the difference between working and playing.

i had a meeting the other day to talk about a story. the meeting took place over tea and cake in the designer’s beautiful garden in the hills. this is work? this feels more like hanging out with your friends coming up with fun things to do and sharing ideas and laughing and eating cake. which is exactly what we were doing.

sometimes i’m home, jotting down the words that go with the music playing in my head (which is what the process feels like to me). or i might go look at houses or stores (which i would do anyway), interview people over the phone, which is basically me having a conversation with someone and hearing about what they do (which is also something that I do anyway).



try it

  • start a gratitude journal. at the end of the day, write down five things that you’re thankful for.

image: laure loliet photography

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