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the writing life: some days are just like that


an earthquake woke me up this morning.

not a very big one by la standards — 4.4 was the final reading — but it shook the bed. hard. so the day didn’t get started as i’d planned and somehow — maybe it’s the earthquake — the to do list has felt undoable and monday feels very monday in the way that mondays used to feel when i had an office job and i’d drag my feet through the day.

somedays are like that. writing in real life is not like it is in the movies. but even knowing this, it can feel hard to get past the blah days and to feel like nothing is getting done when there is so much to be done.  on those days, it’s best to stop fighting the writing.  tomorrow, as scarlett o’hara says, is another day (and, oddly enough, the bad days are often followed by days that are great).


try it

  • step away from the computer and, if you can, the phone.
  • stay in:  take a nap.  take a shower.  cook.  clean out a closet.  knit.  craft.
  • get out: take a walk.  take a drive.  go someplace you’ve never been. meet a friend for lunch or tea or drinks.
  • don’t:  go online, pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter.

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